The low supply of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) remains a significant challenge in the region and requires a coordinated response for all providers including long-term care, hospitals, primary care, community partners, and home care (LHIN/Service Providers).

Our supply chain partners in Erie St. Clair, South West, Waterloo Wellington, and Hamilton Niagara Haldimand Brant have come together to develop a centralized warehouse and distribution system to effectively receive and distribute PPE supplies across the West Region.

Supplies are being distributed to health care providers in accordance with the allocation methodology provided by the Ontario Health West COVID-19 Regional Allocation Committee (RAC) and Ministry of Health directives.


    Use the Pandemic PPE Transitional Supports Order form if you are a primary care provider, community based physician specialist, Indigenous community, Indigenous health service provider or a community health provider to support the re-opening of health services. These providers can access the PPE provincial supply without first attempting to secure their own PPE supply from the commercial market.

    Community Pharmacies involved in COVID testing and Flu Vaccinations, please use the Pandemic PPE Transitional Supports Order Form.

    Use the PPE Proactive Allocation for Long-Term Care form if you are a Long Term Care Home to request up to 8 weeks of PPE in a single order. As part of the provincial Fall Preparedness Plan, this PPE is to assist the long-term care sector to be prepared in the event of an outbreak.

    Use the Urgent Pandemic PPE Order Supply form if you are a health service provider with 7 days or less of PPE on hand. Providers must continue to source supplies locally through normal supply channels and collaborate with other providers prior to submitting this form.

    Use the Municipal Services Managers PPE Allocation Order Form if you are a municipally run shelter and are requiring PPE supplies.

For further information on location and hours of West Region PPE hubs, please select the applicable region below:

South West Region Waterloo Wellington Region

Erie St. Clair Region Hamilton Niagara Haldimand Brant Region

PPE Requests Outside of West Region

In areas of the province outside of the West Region, there are different processes for submitting PPE requests.

All other parts of Ontario – Please submit PPE requests here. You can view this YouTube instructional video for support.

If your organization has branches in several areas of the province, please submit your request using the process for the location in need.

For further information including latest news and acute care PPE stock status, please click on the Regional COVID-19 Portal

Hub Operators Only